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“We’ve Tapped Out The Universe”

Advice For When User Growth Starts To Slip It’s an all too common occurrence. A marketing strategy that had been working, shows signs of slowing down. Stakeholders start to get nervous. A frantic team works to figure out what can be corrected, when and where. Situations like the one I’m describing require more than increased output, but all too […]

A Reason Auto Followers Are Probably Killing Your Engagement Stats At Scale.

A few years ago, I started noticing that everywhere I looked, it seemed like everyone was using CrowdFire. Autofollowers have been around for a really long time. Long enough that I don’t actually know where I would start researching where the first examples may have come from. I remember using scripts on MySpace. I remember […]

When You’re Working Online To Offline, Take A Moment To Really Look At What You’re Doing

I first learned to make things by taking apart things that other people made. I didn’t know that other people did this too. Over the years, I’ve learned that people who grew up to make other things did the same thing too. Ken Mazaika even suggests it in “29 Behaviors That Will Make You An Unstoppable […]

What Big Brands Taught Me This Week About Social Media Backlash, Filter Bubbles And What It Means…

What Big Brands Taught Me This Week About Social Media Backlash, Filter Bubbles And What It Means For Your Small Business You Can Learn A Lot From Rage, Really. So there it was. I had woken up because one of our clients had a social media property that had offended someone. It wasn’t anything dramatic, a misspelling had […]

Dear Podcasters: Please Stop Listening To Other People’s Podcasts.

A Suggestion From Someone Who Listens To Way Too Many Podcasts In the past week, I’ve listened to seven different podcasters lament changes in audiences, downloads or support metrics. The anguish reminded me of the way I felt when, after salivating over Jesse Freund’s “The MP3 Players,” and finally saving up over what had felt like […]

The Dirty Secret About How Long It Takes To Write Something.

I still think back fondly on some of my the early days of my career spent putting words on paper. I remember being annoyed that it didn’t ever seem like there was enough time to read all of the things that needed to be read and to write all the things that needed to be written. […]

Gorsuch’s Twitter is a Ghost Town, or Why Donald Trump Has a Messaging Problem.

Humpty Dumpty Indeed The Trump administration has been no stranger to a large amount of media scrutiny. It seems that every other day there’s some new scandal that is “breaking news”. Good or bad many people would, and do, argue President Trump and his administration are master at manipulating the media for attention. I would argue […]

The Spectrum Of User Surveys

Most advice about user surveys is really bad. I know, because I’ve been part of the problem on this one. Don’t believe me? Here’s a video I found and reuploaded from a few years ago. It’s in a folder with a very strongly worded readme all about what was going on at the time. https://medium.com/media/53f0a89d132d31147f0d3feb0c9bc8ad/href The trouble with […]

“But Ads Don’t Work On Me.”

Why It May Be Time To Rethink Your Skepticism I still remember the first time I studied ads in school — it helped that it was eighth grade english. The unit took a few weeks, and in hindsight it had to have been written by advertisers. I say that because one of the key learnings was that the […]

Why It’s Worth The Long Hours

I still remember one of the first nights it occurred to me that I’d need to stay up and watch how an ad served. We had been experimenting with a few different global audiences for an App. One particular audience segment was performing particularly well throughout what would for me, have been the overnight hours. I needed […]