Sometimes, it’s nice to let the mouse win.

Sometimes, it’s nice to let the mouse win.

For the record though, they weren’t kidding.

Some Have Said, The Greatest Sign Off Message Of Known Internet History

You could actually probably get away with arguing that Team John Hanke started their anti-botting in full force Monday, but I’ve got to be honest with you, as someone who makes decisions about the value of media properties all day — I think you’ve done mathieu de fayet an incredible service with this project.

Ignoring that I’ve shopped my username into the screenshot (it’s a very natural way of watermarking a photo) by my approximation of the velocity of the queue system in place during the events described in the article, it would appear that a user requeueing throughout the day could run an average of 4.5 sessions a day (depending on the size of the queue in the evening, and how many sessions a player snuck in during overnight hours.)

Correct me if I’m mistaken, Dima Ryazanov, but on Saturday you guys had 121 Facebook Shares: 431 by the time the team pulled it?

When one considers these numbers:

Were all botters running the average of 4.5 sessions/day, this would look like one day of 100,000 DAU. Of course this wasn’t the case — and as is true in any user set, you’d expect to see this number compound over time.

Looking at Saturday where I remember 121 shares, let’s just assume all 100% of those users became 4.5 session a day people. You might expect then to be able to guess a potential number of “fake” users thusly — ->121*4.5=544.5

Looking at this, I could get lost for days. I haven’t gotten this close to a mobile app’s data in a long time. But that’s not what this article is about.

See, something else started popping up this week: rumors of Pokemon Go’s demise. Your data makes a pretty compelling case they too have likely been greatly exaggerated.

It’s a pretty open secret that some known percentage of digital user inventory is bogus. When advertisers like myself engage with a media company, we tend to try to price that in by reallocating media dollars accordingly. The truth is, bogus inventory doesn’t really move the needle for big players all that much. It hurts the small business folks a ton.

Nearly every way I’ve tried to look at it, your data seems to indicate that of the digital advertising platforms used most by small businesses and startups?

Pokemon Go likely well has one of the smallest fake user stats I’ve seen on a new platform.

That’s impressive work. props.

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